MB Diamond - , Director, Author, Engineer, Madman, Producer or Manager.guitar,synth,piano,bass,vocals


I am going to rock you.My way..I just like the music thing.Ever since I was A small lad I have been looking at making some music..It is true, I never liked copying other songs,playing cover tunes ect. So,here is your chance to listen to something new and different..

I started playin an accoustic guitar my Dad,bought me ,at A local department store when I was just 12 years old.He,thought it was just a phase I was going through..But,After hearing this garage band down the street ,called the" Rough Riders",I sat in on their practice session,s.. and picked up A few songs...and thats all it took. From then on I was playin small clubs ,doing studio gig,s and so on...So, please let me introduce to you'''MBDiamond""I hope We can find something you like ..


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